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Custom Homes on Your Land

We Build on Your Land

At Condron Homes LLC, we have the unique skills required to build a custom home on acreage land you own. We specialize in the highest level of constructed homes that are built above the industry and political standards in regards to quality, innovation, design, and technology. Together, with your budget forefront in our minds, we can face the challenge of making your land buildable and produce the home of your dreams.

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Getting Started

We are often asked "What does the process of building a new custom home look like?" Let me outline the steps you can expect to take as you journey through your new adventure of getting a custom home built on your land...
Step #1: Determine Your Budget.
You are not able to move forward with the process without knowing what you can afford to spend on your project. And, your personal budget might not be what a lender is willing to lend to you. Having a qualified lender that can help you through the initial loan application process and you can trust is important. Local lenders tend to do a better job than national lenders with personal construction loans. You will need an open line of communication throughout your building process and being able to contact your lender in the same area code helps. If you do not have a partnership already established with a lender we highly recommend Scott Fuller with Umpqua Bank who can be reached by phone at (509) 842-9560 or email at Not only will Scott guide you to the loan structure that suites your needs the best, he also facilitates the needs of your builder well during the life of the project. You will be building a team of professionals to help you build a successful project and your lender is a big component of that end goal.
Step #2: Meet with Condron Homes.
Now that you have your overall budget established you need to know how much of your budget can go towards your land purchase. In order to determine this, you will need to know the costs of your home and land infrastructure including a well, water system (pump, pressure tank, water lines, electric lines, etc.), septic system, power, gas (if available) and access road whether it's gravel or asphalt. We provide the service of determining the house and infrastructure costs for you at no charge. We also provide the service of installing all of your land infrastructure needs of your property. Once these costs are determined you are now able to go out on your land search. We have access to many acreage properties for sale in Spokane County you can explore or a realtor can provide the service of locating land for sale in the area. If you need a reference for a quality realtor, of course we can provide that to you if requested.
Step #3: Establish Contract and Build.
Once your new home plans and amenities are secured, your construction loan has closed, and the property deed is in your name, we can sign our contract and start building! You will be included as part of our team to build your new custom home during the construction process. There are many decisions to be made along the way but, you will have a lot of help in making these decisions. Each representative you meet will be professional and help make your building process a exciting and rewarding time. Selections you are able to make (American made if possible!) include but not limited to:
Exterior paint colors
  • Roof color
  • Decking and railing colors/styles
  • Exterior cultured stone colors/styles
  • Window frame colors and grid patterns
  • Front door color/style
  • Interior doors and trim colors/styles
  • Interior paint colors
  • Cabinet colors/styles
  • Countertop, tile and flooring colors/styles
  • Plumbing fixtures colors/styles
  • Electrical and lights colors/styles
  • Fireplace (gas or wood burning) and stone/mantle selections
  • HVAC options (multi-zone heating, A/C, heat pump, air cleaners, humidifiers, geo-thermal, radiant floor heat, etc.)
  • Appliances selections
  • And many more options at your disposal. Your imagination and budget are your only obstacles!
Step #4: Move In and Warranty.
Imagine your brand new home cleaned and ready for your to move your belongings into! You've done it, the American dream of owning a new home! Congratulations! Your new home will be covered by the best builder warranty in the county. Our fast and friendly reps will make your repairs and adjustments as easy and timely as that of the construction of your new home. Our goal is for you to be thrilled with the building process, quality and service that you won't be able to help yourself from shouting it from a mountain top. All of us here at Condron Homes look forward to working with you!!! Thank you!!!

Questions About Financing?

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